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The following terms and conditions define the extent of our "WINESOR" product warranty.

Your statutory rights are unaffected.


1. We shall repair any defects of the WINESOR sensor, which are demonstrably based on a defect in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the original date of purchase, provided we are notified of the defect immediately after discovery and within 2 years of the original date of purchase .


2. We require that any outstanding subscriptions fees for the respective WINESOR sensor are fully paid up at the time of a making a warranty claim.


3. This warranty shall not apply to any defect, failure or damage caused by improper use or improper or inadequate maintenance and care, including damage from chemical and electrochemical effects of water (non-moisture), as well as from abnormal environmental conditions.


4. The following express exclusions apply to this warranty:

(i) consumable items such as batteries, (ii) damage from leaking batteries, damage resulting from excessive force or water penetration (iii) damage resulting from misuse, neglect, misapplication, (iv)  damage resulting from any use of the WINESOR sensor not in accordance with the purpose for which it was intended, (vi) damage due to normal wear and tear (eg scratches) or otherwise due to normal aging phenomena, (vii) repairs or interventions by persons not authorized by us, or if our WINESOR sensors are no longer in original condition, e.g. if they have been modified by a third party with non-original parts or accessories.


5. If the product proves defective during the warranty period we will, at our option: repair the product at no charge for parts or labour; or replace the product with a comparable product which may be new or refurbished.


WINESOR sensors which are subject to a warranty claim must be sent in to our published address for warranty services.


Replaced parts become our property.


6. Our express warranty only covers free repair and delivery of a faulty product. This express warranty does not offer refunds or returns of any kind.


7. Any warranty claims shall not start a new warranty period or extend the existing warranty period. Only if a WINESOR sensor is replaced by us with another new WINESOR sensor will a new warranty period begin.


8. No liability is assumed for any incidental damages. Particularly no liability is assumed for any cigars damaged or degraded as a result of a faulty WINESOR sensor.


This express warranty only applies to WINESOR sensors purchased directly from WINESOR or through our network of authorized dealers.


Before sending in any WINESOR sensor for warranty repairs, authorization for shipment must first be sought with the WINESOR service department. In this context, the customer must contact WINESOR support : or email


In order to facilitate the expedient administration and tracking of warranty claims, WINESOR are offering their clients a bespoke warranty portal through the WINESOR website.


Customers are obliged ship the defect product at their own expense to the address specified by WINESOR:

X-SOR AG, Müligässli 1, 8598 Bottighofen,, Switzerland. Subject: WINESOR WARRANTY

The product return form must accompany the returned product and original packaging. WINESOR accepts no liability for loss of shipments. WINESOR recommend that you ship all returns with a courier providing seamless tracking services.


WINESOR would like to make their customers aware that even after expiry of the warranty period product support and spare parts should still be available.


This warranty is offered as an integral part of the contractual relationship between the customer and X-SOR AG.  The applicable law under this express warranty is Swiss law (excluding “United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods”) and the competent court is in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.


X-SOR AG, Version: 15.12.2017

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