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Our products were developed together with leading wine cellar experts.

Wineontherocks (WOTR) celebrates 40 years in business and an unbroken lineage, descending from Switzerland’s ARCave AG ‘industry leader in building supplies manufacturing for cellars’.


Together with Vinumtec, the industry leader in high end wine cellar cooling systems, Wineontherocks and Vinumtec are the largest one stop provider of all your needs aroundwine.

WINESOR stands for highest quality, made in Switzerland.


WINESOR is a joint project of X-SOR AG, ARCave AG and Vinumtec.



Check it out: - makes every humidor a smart humidor - everything about wine and wine storage - room climate + design - The first modular stone wine rack of its kind

We are fine collectors, that consider collecting fine wine as a multi generational endeavor.

Perfect storage is of utmost importance and number one concern.


The team consists of seasoned wine experts and collectors, hardware and software engineers. ​

Specialized distribution partners across the globe support us in our ambition to reach customer satisfaction. ​

We are committed to continuous improvement of our products. ​

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